Edward Beier

“When I came to you, I needed good ideas and advice regarding the repairs needed on my house and deck.  What I quickly came to appreciate about you was not only your knowledge, but the businesslike and kind manner in which you treated me.  It was important to me to have you not only tell me what you could do, but also tell me what you could or world not be able to do for me.  And, you were helpful in giving me leads as to where I could find the additional help I needed.

Your written quotes were understandable, and when we had to make the inevitable change orders, your additional quotes were reasonable and coherent.

I enjoyed your attention to the work and your attention to detail.  this observation applies both to you and to your employees.  Everyone you had work on my projects applied themselves with enthusiasm and dedication.  If I had a question, it got answered.

I have more projects to do in the future, and you are the one that I want to do them.

Thank you.  I am very pleased with the work.”